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Withdrawal, Cancellation & Refund Procedures for TBE Tournaments



REFUND POLICY: If you have paid your tournament entry fee and the tournament is canceled due to weather or lack of teams, you will receive a FULL refund. If you pull out of the tournament after the Saturday prior to the start of event or you are a “no show” you will receive NO refund. A 50% refund shall be given if a team withdraws after schedule is posted and ONLY if a replacement is found prior to 48 hours before the start of the event. If you pull out of the tournament after the Saturday prior to the start of the event and planned on paying on site at the event. That team, under the discretion of the Tournament Director (Chris Sepulveda), may be ineligible to play in City of El Paso TBE Events in the future.

RAIN OUT REFUND POLICY: If a TEAM has played: NO games – FULL REFUND transferred to next TBE Tournament ***TWO game – HALF REFUND (or possible half refund partial credit transferred for next TBE Tournament) THREE games or more – NO REFUND *** (or possible partial credit for the next TBE TBE Tournament). For the sake of helping out our teams that do attend, at the discretion of the Director he will give you a discount on his next tournament or transfer fee to the next tournament. Deciding factor will be if any games were played like mentioned above or if weather did not allow for any games to be played. Rules still stand if you play THREE games or more no refund will be issued however at the Directors discretion it is possible that you get a partial credit for the next TBE TOURNAMENT. It is the team Managers responsibility to contact the tournament director for rain out information. Information should be posted on the events feed tab of the tournament page on the  (website). The tournament director cannot be expected to contact each team if a tournament is rain out but he will try his best to.

Please contact Chris Sepulveda if you have any questions  (915) 238-5047

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