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TBE is a great Organization to be a part of. Here at TBE we put the life success of our girls over anything. We love to motivate players to keep reaching for their short and long-term goals. Our players take advantage of Leadership classes we have for them to prepare them for the real world first. Softball is the sport we specialize in. Besides preparing players to become great leaders and role models we also prepare them to become softball players that can play at the next level if that is what they want. 







Texas Boom Elite Organization (TBE)

Other things that our TBE Org. enjoys taking part of is helping the community whenever we have a chance. We set up different events for our players to take part in community service around the city so they can continue to model these habits after they graduate. We consider everyone in our Organization a big family that is always looking to help the city out with whatever we can. We enjoy serving our community and love to be able to allow participants from all walks of life. We do not charge membership fees or any other drastic fees. We want everyone to be able to experience the travel ball life, leadership, and motivational classes. We also now offer scholarships for our players that qualify for one out of a pool of great student athletes. No need to leave any member of our community behind if they don’t have enough money for membership dues. Occasionally we do raise money to help with behind the scene expenses but nothing that is out of the ordinary. If you or your business is looking to help our TBE Org. please feel free to donate to help us continue to help players in our community.

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