18U (Sepi) Roster

6Kianna LeonOFUT2021
7Cassie SanchezOFCA2023
7Evelyn DuranUtilityUTPB2021
11Angelina LaraOF, MIMC2023
12Kate LunaOF, MIDSC2023
14Lauren De La Cruz1ST, 3RD, CENMU2021
15Viviana JimenezOF, MISRSU2023
18 Julieta Vigil1BWTC2023
19Lauren LovelessP, 2B, 3BSRSU2023
19Mel MelendezMI, P, OFUTEP2021
22Aliza MarquezMIUTD2021
26Angeline HarpoonOF, 2nd UNM2021
27Conjetta LittleP, UtilityHSU2021
28Diane Garcia P, MI2022
30Elysa GamezP, 1BOJC2023
32Lauren SalcidoP, OFEastern Az2021
33Isabel GalindoC, 1STPark University2021
43Christalynne SepulvedaMI,C,OFUTEP2023
71Yaya DiazUtilityGCCC2023
96Zoey De BacaP, 1BMC2021
99Aleena MelendezCEAC2022
Abriana VidalPLCC2020

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